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Innsbruck Alpine K7 Nighttrail – Involuntary voluntary warm up

After a great day spent climbing in the hot sun, we’re switching outfits and mindset just like the weather is about to. The evening has become cloudy, and we know from the forecast there will be rain cloaking the 7k night run at the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival. We’re taking this as a warm up […]

Razorback Run – My Australian Alps Trail Run

I am visiting my beloved Australia to see family and friends but, as soon as I have booked my trip, I couldn’t help myself checking if there would be a trail running race I could attend. Does this make me a trail running addict? As soon as I read about the Razorback Run I knew I […]

Salomon Mamores VK – A slap in the face

A slap is never nice business and you always wonder what you did to deserve it. When you are slapped in the face continuously, by angry chunks of hale, you know exactly what you did to deserve it: you signed up for a race in Scotland. We arrive to Kinlochleven in good time after a […]