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Maverick Race Dorset

Saturday May the 12th started very early for us, again. But since sunrise happens just after 4am, the first beams of the morning sun accompanied us as we loaded the car, making sure not to forget our trail running shoes – which has obviously happened before. Sleeping bags, mattresses, climbing gear and a mini-grill loaded, […]

Maverick Race Somerset 2018

As Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” blasted out of the car’s speakers we sang along, its cheerful melody and catchy lyrics completely in tune with our high spirits. There was so much energy buzzing about that, if you hadn’t been there to see us finish, you would never have thought we had all just smashed a race. […]

Maverick Dark Race Dorking 2017

We decided that running with head torches would be fun. The Maverick Dark race in Dorking, Surrey, duly obliged. Again, all the team set out to have fun and surprised themselves with their performances. Lenka finished the 10 km in 48 mins and 41 seconds, ending 2nd in women and 9th in mixed category! Des […]

The Oxford Maverick Race 2017

Lenka displayed her consistent form in the 8k, whilst Des ran in the 15kms. He took it easy, it being a fun day. A really beautiful course and perfect conditions for the time of year. Des Ruhle